Brighter Christmas of Tracy

Brighter Christmas Jail
Tuesday, December 3, 2019  

Each year we have our
Brighter Christmas Jail 
which is our biggest fundraiser for our program.
      Our "Jail" location will change this year.  We will be located at: 

The Tracy Firehouse 
 835 N Central Ave. 

 Just down the street from where we used to be.  Anyone can either volunteer to serve time in our jail or you can call us to have someone picked up by our local VIP police, and delivered to our Brighter Christmas Jail.
    Bring your cell phone and your address book, or one may be furnished to you for a small fee determined by the Judge.  It's all in fun and all the funds collected will go towards the  purchase of toys and food for Brighter Christmas.
    You can call our message # 833-3309 to have someone arrested or volunteer for this fundraiser. You can also click on the "Contact Us" button to the left and leave us an e-mail with your information

Brighter Christmas Jail 
The Tracy Firehouse
 835 N Central Ave
(just down the street from last years location)

Look at out Videos page for short clips of the jail and how it works.
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