Brighter Christmas of Tracy

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Brighter Christmas of  Tracy  2018

November 2018

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Tuesday, December 4th   at 9:00am to 3:pm.

Jail Fundraiser

Our Brighter Christmas Jail is our biggest fundraiser for our program.  It helps us collect funds for food, toys, blankets, and other things to make the program run.

A temporary Jail will be set up in front of the old Tracy Firehouse located on 835 N Central Ave.

If anyone knows of someone they would like to have arrested, all in good fun of course, contact our "Judge"  Gene Birk.
His number is 914-5533.

Or you can also click on the "Contact Us" button to the left and leave us an e-mail with your information 

Gene began Brighter Christmas 40 years ago and still runs the "Jail" today.  While you're there, give him a big thanks for his many years to this wonderful program,  he likes hugs too.

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